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Hi Everybody, I have a RS with the 21'' wheels and am shopping for wheels and winter tires. I called the dealer and he said that the OEM wheels are 18''x8'' +50mm with a CB of 66.95mm and could not find the specs for 21''. I saw in another thread here that the 20'' OEM wheels have an offset of 30mm... I shopped a few autoparts stores and none can confirm the real offset but their suppliers suggest 30-35mm offset, so I'm starting to trust that the 30mm offset is true and the dealer must have made a mistake.

Can anybody double confirm the 20'' wheel specs for me please? Or the 21'' I'm not at home for the next 3 weeks so I can't check myself, but I want to order them soon so when I get home I can install them.

Here are the wheels I'm planning on getting they come to 1000$ CAN.

20'' x 8.5'' with an offset of 33mm.

**Since it is my first post I cannot post links.. so google Replika R214

Another 1000$ for tires and about [email protected] for sensors and 100$ installation for about 2300$ CAN

I was planning on going with the 235/55r20 size, does anybody recommend something ? I would like OEM studded tires since I live in Québec Canada and drive half the time on icy roads.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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