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I have a 2020 red hot Chevy blazer RS. I got it in September and it now has 4500 miles on it. Around October, the infotainment center completely locked up. It was stuck on the phone call screen. It was counting down the time like I was still on a call but I wasn’t. I could make calls with my actual phone plugged in via usb. The screen was just stuck. No onstar or steering wheel controls related to the radio. Just cutting the car off didn’t correct it. We ended up having to unplug the battery to reset it. I think the issue was that I had Bluetooth activated but I use Apple car play. I was getting in the car, making a phone call and plugging the phone in for Apple car play all at the same time. I think I confused it. This is also the first time service safety restraint light came on. I ended up just disabling Bluetooth all together since I only use Apple car play anyway. Everything good. Fast forward and service safety restraint light starts coming on more frequently. First trip to the dealer, they tried to blame it on us unplugging the battery. Reset the codes and sent me on my way. It was good for a week or two but the light started coming on again. Took it back to the dealer and they diagnosed it as a clock spring issue. Ordered a new clock spring and air bag. It took two months to get the parts. In the meantime an over the air update came in so the infotainment center seems to be working well now. Finally got the clock spring issue fixed Friday. Everything seems good. I hope this is the last issue! One thing I do notice is wind on the drivers side window. I can hold my hand up in the area it comes from and it stops. There is no leakage. Anyone else have this issue?
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