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Wide tires

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I have a 2020 blazer redline
I need some information on wider tires for this badass SUV. I am wanting to put wider tires but need more information is it possible? Will it throw off anything? Has anyones done this already? I need answers any answers is welcome.
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Typical for most tires is to go what used to be known as a +1 or +2 on the factory tire size. As an example, 245/65 R18 can go to a 255/60 , or even further with a 265/55 size. There’s almost an inch in width difference between the 245, 255, and then 265 width. The 265 is nearly two inches wider than 245. One needs to go to a lower sidewalk profile to keep the overall tire diameter the same. The shorter sidewall is more responsive, noisier, and is not as good as absorbing rough road surfaces.
Given that there are 18,20 and 21 inch stock rims for the blazers, that approach works in all rim diameter sizes.
A good start is a +1 from whatever was stock for that rim size for better looks, slightly improved handling, and doesn’t affect tire geometry within the stock wheel well.
I’m going for a 255/60R18 when the factory continental sports need replacing.
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