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Lurked here for a bit doing research before pulling the trigger on a Blazer a few months ago. Lease ended on our '18 Murano, which was barely adequate to pull our small camping trailer (thanks, CVT馃檮) and wanted to stay in a 2-row midsize with a V6. Really liked the sales guy we worked with on our Bolt a year ago so reached out to him to place an order for a Blazer in Feb and had it delivered in April. We went with 3LT w/V6 for the tow package, gray/gray (love the light/dark "galvanized" interior) and added the Sound/Tech and Cargo packages. So far we are really happy with the ride, comfort, and how it tows, and looking forward to learning and sharing more here.

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Those are hub caps, called wheel skins available in black or chrome. Snap on over your aluminum rim. They are about $125 from eBay or Amazon.
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