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Where the Blazer sits in Chevy's lineup

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I know Chevy has said that the Blazer is meant to slot between the Equinow and Traverse, but I'm wondering if they have done enough to distinguish it. It starts at nearly the same price as the Traverse, but is restricted by only 2 row seating. It has the same utility as the Equinox but its also a fair bit more expensive. How big could this market be?
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I see it as a Toyota Highlander/Dodge Durango/Honda Pilot/Volkswagon Atlas type vehicle. Average pricing of all those models reflect expectations of the new Blazer.
The Blazer is better looking than both the Traverse and Equinox imo and there are new in between models debuting from a lot of different brands. I do think they missed a trick by not considering an off road oriented trim level.
Both the RS and Premier trims get a more sophisticated AWD system, though I don't know how capable it is. With some proper aftermarket tires it might not fair too bad off road.
Its length and ground clearance are likely to be the biggest obstacles for off road performance. Those looking for a more utilitarian vehicle will probably just go with the ZR2 anyways.
Ford will eventually pressure GM into offering an off-road focused Blazer trim, i'll wait for a ZR2.
They wont be able to do that without making some adjustments to pricing. You would get a whole lot more utility and off road prowess from a similarly spec'd pickup. Especially with some of the current incentives and rebates.
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