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I ABSOLUTELY HATE detailing my Blazer. I actually have to "care" when I wash it and treat it like the queen it isn't. Why would some want to take almost a full day cleaning all that real estate. It's absolutely exhausting.....and to think I have to do this between rains? Why for the love of everything in gods green earth did I buy a brand new car!! :cautious:

On the bright side, my 2.5L performed flawless towing the kayaks, gocarts and mini-bikes around this weekend. Narry a problem nor a hesitation when pulling. The sorta bad is being able to actually see said trailer behind that big wide butt of our Blazers. All I could see was the top of the handle bars of the mini bikes and the top of the gocart seat. :ROFLMAO:

Kayaks were obviously easy to see behind while towing. (y)
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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