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Two things that I've already wished I had on my Blazer on more than one occasion. The first being an interior release latch to open the rear liftgate for models without the power liftgate option. I personally enjoy having the manual liftgate and can open/close it faster than that button can any day of the week. Not to mention to awkward placement of it on the drivers door panel, effectively making that water bottle holder less useful. An interior release latch would be nice for when getting things curbside and people don't know that the release latch is lower than usual on these vehicles. Its not a make-or-break, im just being nit-picky since I don't want people accidentally rubbing their fingers all over my backup camera every time they try to open the liftgate.
The second item being the front seats. If GM is going to market this car as the Camaro SUV and place such a large emphasis on the "sport" in SUV, then give it sportier front seats that actually hold you in place when cornering. I am sliding all over my seat whenever making tight turns because the seats just have no bolstering support whatsoever. A new toyota corolla has better seats with good bolstering support and comfort at the same time. Since the Blazer takes a lot of it cues from the Camaro, I don't imagine it would be difficult for them to mimic the seats that are found in the Camaro and place them in this vehicle as well.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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