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Chevrolet designed the 2019 Blazer with Camaro DNA and in the process gave us an SUV that has hints of premium SUV's worth up to 5-6 times its MSRP.

Just look at the Chevrolet Blazer vs Lamborghini Urus visual comparison below and judge for yourself. Nothing comes close! (Does the Blazer look like any other SUV's?) The Blazer comes too close, to the point Chevrolet could be guilty of pulling too many design cues. The Urus revealed in concept form back in 2012. Today at least 80% of that concept is in the Urus production model and a portion of that it in the Blazer.

Commonalities during this era of coupe-styled SUV's are expected but Chevrolet didn't have to make this obvious. Some of the failed Pontiac Aztek, the original coupe-SUV, can be noticed as well. Not nearly as much, however.

Surely someone at Lamborghini, like Urus designer Mitja Borkert, has some comments about it like this Car & Driver editor:

  • "Of all the other crossovers out there, perhaps the one the new 'Blazer' resembles most is the Lamborghini Urus. You decide which of the two is flattered by that comparison."
Like Rolls Royce when the Chrysler 300 initially came out, Lamborghini probably doesn't care and will work to each brands benefit in the end.

Blazer fans should care for the fact the Blazer doesn't look enough like a Camaro.

Head on the Blazer is Camaro-esque but that's where it stops. Everywhere else it comes off as a Urus. Working in more Camaro features like the sleek and angular tail lights, bolder rear fenders and sportier design below the belt line, would make it more deserving of the Blazer nameplate.

Before judging for yourself, take note of some similarities we picked up on:
  • short nose with rectangular headlights tucked under the hood
  • angle of hood slope especially by the headlights
  • width and height of upper and lower grilles
  • arching front and rear fenders
  • door panels tucked in under belt line
  • belt line that angles above fenders and over tail lights

Side: Blazer vs Urus vs Aztek

Front: Blazer vs Urus vs Aztek

Rear: Blazer vs Urus vs Aztek


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I see what you mean but it wasn't the first thought that came to mind.

The same can be said for other automakers, Lexus being another among many others. New RX takes after the Urus even more (or Urus to the RX?)

We just need to realize there will be commonalities throughout the auto industry.

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Yeah thats true, they all have a very similar feel to them. I might be biased because I own one, but I do think the Blazer looks the best out of all of them, especially against the Mazda line.
It does indeed stand out.

The right aesthetic changes can make it even better like in that performance version rendering in the red color thread on this forum.
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