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Mine is 6 months old - is it too late to put on ‘ceramic’ coating? I take mine to touch less car wash but even drying with microfiber soft cloth can see swirls
Not too late for ceramic coating at all. The detailer will buff out any scratches and swirls, and your car will look better than it ever has. My detailer uses the GTechniq Crystal Serums. If you don't practice good washing and drying techniques, you will still get swirls on the ceramic coating. Wash it by hand. If your weather is awful in the winter, take it back to the detailer for a hand wash as needed. Yes--it is an extra expense but necessary if you can't do it yourself. I advise watching car handwashing videos on YouTube by Chicago Auto Pros. He has several videos on how to handwash a car and specifically a ceramic-coated car. I had PPF put on all the piano black, the front bumper, the hood, the door cups, and the door edges, and then had a ceramic coat put on top of that. The paint is so thin on these Blazers, that unless you want to be constantly touching up paint chips, it is necessary. More than one detailer told me that if you look at the piano black, it will scratch and swirl.
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