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I placed a reserve on an 2023 Blazer EV in August.
Several months ago I had been shopping for a BOLT EUV. My local dealer was not marking them up. After careful consideration, I decided to wait for the Blazer EV RS. Last week I made a call to that said dealer and asked about “markup” of Blazer next year. Not only could they NOT guarantee they would not be marking up the Blazer, but it was also clear that GM plans to raise
the original estimates of price points. Many ICE cars and EVs will see price increases next year.
That said, I went into “buy now mode” and purchased an EV6. No waiting.
It is very possible, with the number of reservations on Blazer EV, and continued supply chain shortages that have plagued the market, the Blazer wait times could well exceed one year.
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