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Vibration panoramic sunroof

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I have a 2019 Blazer RS the problem I'm having is when my grandkids are in the back seat and they roll down the back windows while we're driving and it vibrates so loud and so hard it hurts my ears and a rattling vibration is coming from the panoramic sunroof I either have to roll down my windows or open the top so it will stop. The only one else is having this problem it seems like the panoramic sunroof it's not installed right from the factory.
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The noise you are experiencing is called wind buffeting. I'm confident your sunroof is installed correctly. Buffeting happens with a lot of cars, with and without sunroofs, when traveling at high speeds. It appears you've figured out how to deal with the buffeting. Only other option you didn't list is to not let your grandkids roll down the back windows!
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