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USB browsing

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I have a 2021 2LT Blazer. I have used USB devices for my music, since I don't have a smart phone (apple/Android device). I am locked out from browsing the USB while driving. I can only browse the USB(s) when at a complete stop or in Park. GM has said the USB browsing has been disabled as a safety feature. Here is the kicker, I can browse the contacts on my cell phone connected via bluetooth, while driving. Browsing contacts is as great of a distraction as it would be to browse a usb for music to play.

Does anyone have a way around the issue of not being able to scroll through my many artists/albums on my USB drives? I don't even have USB ports in the center console or on-board navigation. I wish I could upgrade and add the navigation component without having to have Onstar.
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Sorry I don't have an answer for you. But, I have a similar complaint. I have a 2021 2LT also. I have Sirrius and it won't let me scroll through the channels when it's in drive. It will only let me use the channels I've starred. When in park it will let me scroll through all the channels. Pretty stupid feature I'd say.
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