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UAW boycotting Mexico produced Blazer

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With all the plant closings that have been happening at GM, there are obviously a good number of upset employers. The UAW President is urging members not to purchase this foreign made crossover, as it does not support American families. I personally don't think this adversarial approach will play to their advantage, as many automakers have begun building products in Mexico, as its less expensive. This is the nature of a global industry. https://www.autonews.com/manufacturing/uaw-vp-condemns-mexico-produced-chevy-blazer-calls-gm-heartless
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Automation was always going to cause huge shifts in the industry and people have been saying that for years. As automakers look to protect their bottom line, unfortunately blue collar workers will always be the first to go.
I've already seen that the EPA is putting certification on hold for new cars until the government shutdown ends. There's no list of affected models yet, but I'm assuming anything that was set to launch this spring will be delayed.
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