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UAW boycotting Mexico produced Blazer

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With all the plant closings that have been happening at GM, there are obviously a good number of upset employers. The UAW President is urging members not to purchase this foreign made crossover, as it does not support American families. I personally don't think this adversarial approach will play to their advantage, as many automakers have begun building products in Mexico, as its less expensive. This is the nature of a global industry. https://www.autonews.com/manufacturing/uaw-vp-condemns-mexico-produced-chevy-blazer-calls-gm-heartless
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Unions sold out, leaders are just hype men only hoping to line their own pockets. Regardless of how it ends, they're still winning.
I agree.

I'm always watching the news and it was hard to ignore the major changes in production plans that are happening. Mind you, reports were coming out sometimes 1 year in advance.
shutdown being lifted is just temporary from what I heard and likely just a negotiation tool
Even if its temporary it will help to get new models certified and ready for sale. I did already see there were mentions of another shutdown if more demands aren't met. Talk about an abuse of power.
don't forget too that elections are coming up which means even more chaotic times and potentially worse if Trump moves onto a second term.
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