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Two-door Blazer rendered

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For those who wished that Chevy had stayed closed to the nameplates origin, you may want to have a look at this new rendering that just appeared online. Doesn't really look like the trail rider of the previous gen models, but it is styled much more similarly. Two door trucks were huge throughout the 90's and it appears that Ford may be considering that body style for the new Bronco. Should Chevy follow in these footsteps?
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This is basically just a Tahoe, and I don't know what demand would be like for a two door version. Only way that people would really take interest is if it was released as a high performance model imo.
I much prefer the redesign and GM has enough products in their lineup that have this styling. They did a fantastic job infusing sports car designs cues into the new model imo. Off road capability is something they can look into more deeply with future revisions.
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I much prefer the Redesign!! Much! Very! The old version is not a standout, looks like everything else.
GM seems to be on the right track with the new Trax which makes me wonder whats in store for the Tahoe. I hope it won't mean the end of this more utilitarian design and to something more cross-over like. What do you guys think the next Tahoe/Suburban could be like?
Chevy seems to be moving towards a new design language with their latest crossovers. The main change that I think we will see with the Surburban/Tahoe is they will adopt the front fascia/grille of the new Silverado.
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