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Hi all,

Figured I would share my thoughts and some pictures of my Tuxmat floor liners. These provide fantastic coverage and look really upscale in the blazer. They go way up the sides (and front, and back) and come with clips to anchor say, the outer edge between the door sill and the factory carpet.

The surface is nicely grained with padded ridges or ribs. They feel great--cushy and not slippery--don't leave much exposed carpet, and clean up very easily.

The front passenger foot well is shown with the seat all the way back--notice how far under the seat the liners extend. The back seat covers both sides and the hump, go way under the front seat and even up the back wall of the back seat foot well.

I haven't had these long enough to speak to the durability of these, nor how they would stand up in the snow belt, but so far I am very happy.



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I just picked up a set after seeing your post. Got them from Costco
They are great, as you described. I have had at least three different brands of laser fitted mats in our last vehicle, these by far have the best look and fit. I hope they perform and last as good as they fit and look.
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