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I was researching Chevy Colorado, GM Canyon and Blazers from 2018 to now.
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that is the most discuss topic... transmission shuddering. There are lengthy stories on the website about Chevy just trying to hide the problem. They can't take out the transmission and put in a new one because would be the same transmission. Filling the transmission with mobile 1 was another effort that failed. Bottom line is it's lemon law issue.
I did drive a 2020 Colorado for about 350 miles and had no problem with the 8 gear trans., but now I heard, correct me if I'm wrong, that Chevy is pudding and a 9 gear trans the newest models coming out anyone hear that as well?
If you have not visited the website

Please do it is a wealth of knowledge and you can read about people taking GM/Chevy to court.
If you are experiencing the shudder please let me know what you're doing about it. It really sounds like a recall
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