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Transmission/motor separation

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I have a 1998 Chevy blazer, junking it out for the most part , I need the transmission to put into another blazer , so here goes , - I removed the exhaust, tranny mount , both driveshafts , all the transmission bolts , 3 torque converter bolts , dipstick tube , all linkage and all plugs have been cut , I have shook , rattled jacked up and let down the transmission, I tried to pry some , only to break some motor housing , so now I guess the motor is scrap , but still will not come apart, so now I have been soaking the two guides for two days with pb-blast , does anybody out there ever had this problem and if so how did you break them apart ? Without damaging the transmission ? And before anybody asked I know for a fact I have every bolt out of the transmission because I even cut the entire floor out above and around it just to make sure LOL
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I could be wrong but I beieve the torque converter has 4 bolts.
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