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Trailblazer Thefts?

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I know this is for the Trailblazer SS but it'll essentially be the same electronics and security as the new Blazer that's coming out so I feel it applies.

Apparently, in the Detroit area alone, there has been 5 thefts of these vehicles over the past few weeks. The police have come to the conclusion it is a theft ring that is running the show and they're trying to get crack down on it.

But.. upon reading, someone who had there's stolen that when they came back to find their vehicle missing, there were literally no traces at all. No broken glass or anything. So clearly these people must be electronically getting into them. That isn't something new as I think we've all seen the Wrangler theft ring that were using laptops and little tablets to hack into them. The same thing could be happening here.

Are you guys worried about your precious new Blazer getting picked up and taken away and potentially being stripped down and sent overseas?
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I won't be concerned since no valuables are kept in my car and I have little need to carry items but when I do, its very easy to find secure places to park where i'm 100% confident that nothing would happen.

Chevy SUV's like this usually have big lockable glove boxes if you need secure cabin storage.
That's all good and well. For me, I keep my Chevy in my garage that I've secured with bollards.
I'm not worried. Mine is "baby poo" brown... :LOL:
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