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Towing experience with a 2020 Blazer RS FWD

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Hi, I have a 2020 Blazer RS FWD and were planning to buy a small 5x8 or 5x10 trailer. The car has a 1500 pound limit and the trailer weighs up to 723 pounds. We only plan to put a kayak or two on it weighing no more than 200 pounds total. I know I’m well within the limit but was curious how your towing experiences went? I tow frequently with my truck but have never towed with a car. My wife will primarily be towing and she has limited experience. I’m just wanting to be sure I don’t put her in a tough situation! We also can’t test tow before we buy so any advice or experience is appreciated.

edit: I should mention we don’t have the tow package.
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