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Tire wear on Continentals on RS????

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I took my 2020 Blazer RS in for an oil change, tire rotation, and GM check list items. I was surprised as my depth is at 5/32 on my 21" Continental tires. Looks like these tires are only going to make 20,000 to 25,000 miles. Kind of shocking as I am mostly small town or highway driving. Is any else experiencing this? Especially on a RS with Continentals.
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I love my 2021 Blazer RS.. I purchased it brand new but had to replace the 21” tires at about 25k miles… I was hoping maybe the factory tires were junk, but my replacement set have had about the same lifespan.. Has anyone just went to a different rim size altogether? Did that seem to help? I have a fairly long work commute and my car hydroplanes terribly!! I also moved to a more rural area and would like more tread.. any suggestions?
Keep in mind, the softer the ride on the tires you have, the less mileage you'll get out of them. If you want a higher mileage tire, then you'll have a tire that rides rougher. I have these Continentals on my 2022 and they ride pretty nicely. I also understand they will wear out sooner than later. They came with my Blazer, so what can I do except run them out and buy new tires once I'm ready. I won't buy Continental, and most likely go to a higher mileage tire. They aren't faulty tires. They are just tires that are made from a softer rubber compound, which means you will not get high miles out of them. If you put a 60 to 80k-mile tire on your vehicle, you will notice a huge difference in how stiff and rigid those tires will be. You can buy a higher mileage tire, but that typically means you will lose some comfort in the ride. When you shop for tires, you need to go into the purchase understanding the variance in ride comfort between high-mileage and low-mileage tires. The only reason you can get higher miles from a tire is because the compounds in the rubber are harder, which translates to a stiffer ride. You can dampen the ride with better struts/shocks, and also by deflating the tire a bit to soften the ride, but I personally wouldn't deflate the tires below factory specs. You can wear out your tires prematurely by doing that, too.

There are lots of good choices out there to switch to, so when you go looking for new tires, be sure and ask the right questions.
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Have you researched replacements for the factory tires? Continental and Pirelli are the only ones I’ve found in a 21”.. at least in my area.
I have looked briefly at options, but I really haven't seriously entertained purchasing new tires yet. I just turned 6000 miles, so not ready yet. When I'm ready, I will most likely check out Michelin, Yokohama, and Goodyear Eagles first. I had Eagles on my 2016 Maxima SR and they performed very well. Discount Tire always has had a good selection. I have heard from many, including the Dealer I purchased from, that Continentals are junk. However, I'm sure there are folks out there that would say their Continentals are performing fine. It just depends on your geographic area and what your needs are. There is a thread in here where one or two folks have changed over tires to another brand and seem to like them. Do a search here for tires and you'll find it.
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