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Tire wear on Continentals on RS????

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I took my 2020 Blazer RS in for an oil change, tire rotation, and GM check list items. I was surprised as my depth is at 5/32 on my 21" Continental tires. Looks like these tires are only going to make 20,000 to 25,000 miles. Kind of shocking as I am mostly small town or highway driving. Is any else experiencing this? Especially on a RS with Continentals.
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Just an FYI. A seller on ebay is selling sets of 4 tires Pirelli that fits the RS model 265/45/21 for like $600 delivered. I have bought from this seller before and had great experiences. I might pull the trigger and get them. I have been strongly considering getting a Yukon AT4 but they are impossible to find. It sucks having to buy new tires at 17k miles.
Where do you get them put on? I have wanted to do this but have no idea where to get them on ar
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