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I had been looking for a new vehicle for about a year. Knew I wanted an SUV. (upgrading from a sedan) Knew I wanted AWD. Beyond that, I had no idea what I wanted.

In my wanderings through the net, I discovered that Chevrolet had reintroduced the Blazer. I instantly fell in love with it. Big enough to haul some things, not so big that it wouldn't fit in the driveway, sporty styling, and definitely room to expand on the platform.

So, my first SUV, and my first "first owner" vehicle. (Never bought new before)

After deciding I wanted the 2.0 Turbo, for the fuel economy, I test drove a 2020 RS. Loved it.
I lucked out and my local dealer had this beauty already inbound. It ticked all my boxes. AWD, 2.0L, fabric seats (hot leather? yuck), and not that god-awful yellow (that I still swear looks green).
I actually love the Blue Metallic Glow, and the Midnight/Sport trim package just makes it that much sleeker.

Yes, I know I'm geeking out on it. Not going to apologize. Been driving this since February, and honestly can't see myself having chosen anything else.
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