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I am trying to figure out how to get the text alerts. While driving home this weekend from a Thanksgiving with my parents, I did not realize I had 4 missed text messages. I have an android phone and cannot figure out if it is possible via bluetooth, android auto or another way just to know a text came through. As I said the four texts I missed were important, from my wife, alerting me of severe weather alerts near my home.
Ps- I do not want to text & drive, just know a message came through, so I can pull in a gas station and see if it is important. (Thought it would pop up on the infotainment screen when phone was connected)

They removed it from the infotainment 3. I sent an email about it to GM and they tell me to use Android Auto or Apple CarPlay to get your messages. They are no longer going to support the messages app. The guy I talked to said they if enough people complain, they might re-enable the messages app. It was pretty disappointing to the point I might not have bought the car if I new ahead of time.
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