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I accidentally turned on SYNC in my 2019 Blazer Premiere only to discover you can't just hit the button again to turn it off. How silly is that?
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It's not silly. No need to manually turn off since it is automatic. It turns off the moment the passenger side temp is changed. Sync stays off until you hit the button.
I wish, I turned the driver's side it changed both. turned the passenger side it changed both. turn Climate control off and on no good. The ONLY way I could get SYNC off was to turn Drivers side one direction while turning passenger side the opposite direction. Had to turn BOTH in opposite directions to turn SYNC off
Still better than when the controls won't change the Infotainment display at all. The only way to fix that is to shut off the Blazer and restart.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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