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SXM (SiriusXM) occationally cuts out for ~2 seconds ever ~3-4 mins and there is a "ping" sounds then music returns.

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I have a 2020 Blazer. Every once in a blue moon, after I start the vehicle up, the SXM will go into a mode where it "pings" every 3-4 mins. This is driving in wide open country or in town but with no buildings around - no pattern to where/when it happens. It's not related to blockage to a satellite. It only happens on SXM - not on FM Radio and not when playing music connected to phone via Spotify. I've done the following to try and debug - nothing works. (1) Changed SXM channels (2) Unplug iPhone from connector in case it was a phone thing. (3) Turned off iPhone completey and unplugged (4) Turned off car music system (via the main power off button) (5) Stopped the vehicle, shut it off, restarted it. This drives me nuts when it happens as it makes SXM unlistenable due drop/ping in middle of ever other song. The exact symptom is the music is playing via SXM channel, then music will halt, there is a clear little "ping" sound, music then resumes. It almost acts like there is some sort of periodic antenna to sattelite snyc going on.

Anyone have any ideas? I googled SXM forums and general google but have not seen this reported.
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