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Autoguide put together a very thorough comparison between the Blazer and the Outback. They came to an interesting conclusion where the Outback was the better vehicle based on the categories, it won't matter for most people who are looking at the Blazer.

So which one wins this comparison? While the Subaru takes the win in just about every category, if you’re looking at the Blazer that’s probably not going to matter. The unique style of the Blazer can’t be topped by Subaru if that’s what you want in your next vehicle, and that applies even more strongly to trims like this blacked-out RS. Buyers who spend more of their time out of town, though, or who are more concerned with performance, space, fuel economy, and the budget, will find the Outback the natural choice. As long as they don’t get too hung up on the wagon versus crossover debate, because this Subaru makes that distinction an even tougher one to sort out.
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