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Strut Tower Brace

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SSD performance manufactures a strut tower brace for the trailblazer and would consider making one for us. They need a test car for development. They are located in Lincoln, mo. Any forum members or local dealers have a vehicle that would be available?
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How long would they be needing the vehicle for?
I'd be willing to drive out (just over 3 hours from my place), but I need to do some planning around it.
I wrote to SSD an advised will have them contact you if they are interested.
SSD informed me that they need the car for several days. He has one lined up for next month and we will be advised of the outcome
SSD wrote back to say that the trailblazer strut tower brace was disappointed sale wise and they have dropped any plans for Chevy Blazer. Any other mfgs interested?
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