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Does anyone know if the new traverse (smaller and sportier) steering wheel fits on our Blazers? We all have the best sport model Suv but comes with the same steering wheel on a Sliverado truck!
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The biggest concern is the pin plug and circuit pin sequence where the harness meets the airbag clockspring. I'm currently in the middle of such a project on my 2017 Buick LaCrosse, swapping a C8 Corvette wheel. The physical fit is no problem and the harness plug is identical, but the pin sequence is different and will take some sorting to get everything to work...but it looks great!
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I'd actually be curious to see how much smaller a Traverse wheel would be over the Blazer. I mention this because I initially thought the C8 wheel would be smaller in diameter than the stock Buick but actually they're almost identical in size, just different shape.
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As another option, there is a website called exclusivesteering.com that will rebuild your stock wheel with various modifications and then all your stock components will be the same...and save the cost of another airbag module. It's a bit pricey at a little over $1k (depending on options) but then airbags aint cheap either! LOL
I went to acdelcotds.com and paid for a 3-day subscription to download the info I needed. I went to the exploded view of the steering column and clicked on the LOC box in the upper right corner of the diagram. This provides wiring layout for each component. I searched for airbag clockspring module and that gave me the pin sequence. The print version looked like this...
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