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Start Stop disable?

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From everything I have seen, the new Blazer doesn't have a Start Stop disable button. Some GM vehicles do, some don't. There are aftermarket companies that make Start Stop modules that plug in to disable the start stop system. Has anyone had any experience with the module yet?
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A smaller, higher revving engine could easily be the one more prone to hitting economy limits. I just think its silly that Chevy decides to place this function in some of their models and not in others. They must know that people will be looking into workarounds if its something that's not provided from factory. There are no concerns with damaging the powertrain with one of these bypass modules?
Sometimes another work around to this feature is to place the car in any drive mode other than D. Typically start stop is just reserved for that default driving mode and selecting Sport usually disengages it. You might also be able to shift to neutral and back to drive when waiting at a light to prevent that throttle response delay.
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