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Update on my experience. Vehicle was like this since new. I complained about it at 11,000 km this summer (no icy conditions) and they said the wheel alignment tester said it's in spec. I told the dealership last week (17,000 km) that it must be a wheel alignment issue. First they had to replace the rear driveshaft (main reason I took it in), they did a wheel balance and wheel alignment (charged me for that) and said both were out. The vehicle stability was still shit! I took it back yesterday and told them I think the wheel alignment is still out. Today they told me they had a junior tech do the alignment and the alignment was still out. WTF! They re-did the wheel alignment and now it handled properly. So, it was the wheel alignment all along. I also noticed torque steer with this vehicle but they can't fix that without a different axle design.
I’ve had my blazer RS 2022 since October and now I’m driving in icy roads in Utah. Every time there is slush or ice on the road it feels like it’s trying to self correct as if it’s trying to find the lines on the road. Similar to when you have the lane assist feature on. We’ve tried everything to figure out which button to turn off. But it feels as if the car is in the lane assist mode and it corrects your car- but just when there is ice or slush. It drives fantastic in the snow in 4WD, and I can switch between 2/4 wheel. Even in the summer if there is a bump; not any numb, but the kind that is more like a pot hole, where just one or two tired hits it, it will also do this self adjust thing. But it’s scary in the winter! I just sent my four teenage kids down the Mtn. in Park city in my car and I’m sitting here looking up what to do because I’m scared about it! Praying all goes ok. I was hoping to figure something out on this forum.
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