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Spy shots may tell us more about new design

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So some recently leaked spy shots may give us a better idea about what to expect in the new Blazer. The people over at GM Authority seem to think after a side by side comparison, that the new Blazer will be styled very closely to the second generation Acadia. Imo its really hard to tell any similarities with the heavy camo cladding, but have a look for yourselves. Blazer vs Acadia
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Honestly cannot see similarities aside from the windshield rake and maybe the Blazer's general size, that's pretty much it. I'll have to take GM Authority for their word because even the LED portion of the headlight doesn't look like the Acadia.
Yeah its a bit of a stretch for sure, and obviously Chevy is going to take inspiration from other vehicles in the stable. You really get a sense of how long the hood is in that side profile though...my lord. Lets hope the majority of that is meant to mask its true shape.
What I do see are some beefy wheel arches, at least ones that jut out more than usual so we should be getting some deep-set wheel wells and maybe wider tires for off-roading.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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