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Spotify Premium - Home screen displays no content

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Hi Everyone:

I'm new to the forum...hello to all. Has anyone else have or had a problem when using Spotify your Blazer? I installed the app using the apps icon on the infotainment screen about 2 months ago. At the time, Chevy was providing a promotion where you get 6 months of premium for free.

All was good for the first month. However, since then the home screen (in the Blazer) does not display any content...essentially a black screen. My library, liked songs, playlists, recently played all still work fine. Everything still works as it should with Spotify when using my phone.

I deleted Spotify in the Blazer and reinstalled the app, however this issue remains. Any other suggestions to fix would be appreciated! BTW - I am really enjoying my Blazer. Its quick and handles well and gets lots of complements.

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Hey Joe,

I have not had a problem using spotify premium when using Apple Carplay. Have you tried that?
Thanks for the suggestion! Yes, I could hook my phone up (I'm an Android user), but I prefer just to use the app from the Blazer. I'm thinking I need to get the dealer to do a software fresh or wait until Chevy sends another over the air update.
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