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finally upgraded from previous post months ago. What’s changed since? So two 12” kicker L7t powered by a 3000 watt full range mono Taramp and kept the door speakers Bose but powered by a 4 channel taramp. Added super tweeters to dash and trunk hatch side pockets.
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Also my t-harness is from LLJ customs 6 channel harness with the link6 by wavtech. All plug and play did not void any warranty.
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Looks great! Have you done any electrical upgrades? if not, then how does the stock electrical perform with the 3k amp? Any voltage dips?
So it’s been about 2 weeks and my voltage usually at 14. It’s dropped slightly between 14-13 nothing major. But I’ll see in a month if it drops more I might do the big 3 upgrade but I’ve looked into it the blazer seem to already have 4 gauge wires so it might not be problem. Also I have a kill switch to shut off amp and subs.
Thanks for the info! i didn't think stock electrical could handle 3k! if you do the big 3, give us an update. this is going to be my main driver for a long time and I'll slowly be upgrading my system aswell
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