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We traded in a gorgeous High Country - in excellent shape but it was driving me nuts - it was so long. Hub didn't mind but it was supposed to be my car. I loved being a passenger but not a driver. I had dressed it up with a hard tonneau. (We have another pickup..........but that one is "special" and doesn't get driven in the winter...reason I wanted the truck to start.)

Ours is the pearl iridescent tricoat, RS, AWD, both packages, sunroof, liners, and the cargo net and cargo cover. In our metro area, the Blazers are flying out of the dealerships, very little stock. We had to wait 3 weeks for this one which the dealership had ordered. I originally wanted the Premiere but there are like none of these within 200 miles (and I double checked this) and I wanted the good AWD which the 2021 Premiere does not have. And the more I looked at the RS, the more I loved the interior and exterior. The iridescent white with the black RS trim, etc. is beautiful.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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