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So Exciting

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We haven't seen the Blazer since 2005 and it was a great vehicle that can take you anywhere. I didn't have the means to get one back when the last generation was in production so I may go for the third gen model. Hoping to see it follow in its predecessor's footsteps and come with a 2 door option, that thing had great handling, power, turning radius and visibility.

There's also a few others i'm looking at including the new Bronco and Wrangler.
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A 2 door option would be great but by the looks of it, I doubt it happening. This is going to be pretty darn long and large and I think they'll keep that one variation of it.

The new Bronco is very up in the air. Some say it'll be like a Wrangler, some say it'll be like the upcoming Grand Wagoneer. It's so hectic lol.
That's what im starting to realize looking at the pictures currently out that publications are suggesting is the new Blazer.

And oh yeah, lets not forget the 4 door blazer we once had, that was quite something. Too bad that these are uncommon to come around:
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I think a 4 door is really all they need. Don't see too many 2 door SUVs anymore other than the Wrangler I guess? But those I don't really consider to be the same segment as they're off road utility rugged vehicles compared to Tahoes and the like.
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