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Silver Blazer RS

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Hi everyone! I have had my Chevy Blazer RS since new years eve! It was the first one sold from the chevy dealer my parents and I have bought cars from for years! I had learned about them last summer and had my eye on the Blazer since then. My previous car was a 2015 Equinox so this is a little upgrade! So far its been a great car to drive and a lot of fun with the features it has as well as the performance. It took me awhile to get used to driving it but now I have been a lot more comfortable with it. This summer I am really itching to see how it does on a long ride. I hope everyone is enjoying their new Blazer!
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Congrats on your RS, glad to have another new owner on the forum. Its certainly a step up in performance and styling over the outgoing Equinox, but I would imagine the Blazer will have an influence on its next generation design.
I'd be great if you could post a few pics of your Silver RS. I too am thinking of getting that, but have not seen a real life good look at one.
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