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Shudder at 1000 RPMs

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Hi all,
I have a 2019 Blazer AWD V6 and was wondering if anyone else has experienced a shudder during first start of the day and RPMs start to lower, specifically around the 1000 RPM mark? When I first start my blazer in the morning, it shudders and shakes when reaching 1000 RPM and needle is jumping all over the place. Dealership can鈥檛 figure it out. 馃槕
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my guess is it's in your tune at coldstart
There is a tech bulletin out for transmission shudder. You can take it to the dealership and they will flush out your transmission and refill with transmission fluid and shudder will be gone. Or do what I did. I put my blazer on jack stands and drained and refilled transmission twice with Amsoil full synthetic transmission fluid (a much better fluid if you plan on keeping your car) and shifts super smooth. Shudder gone.
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