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Shift knob

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Re: 2020 Blazer RS—-Does anyone know what the up/down button on the left side of the shift knob is for?
Also is there a way to keep in sport mode all the time?
Also, is there a way to perminetly turn off the stop engine feature, it really is a pain to turn off every time.who needs it?
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The rocker switch on the side is the manual gear selector
Not that I'm aware of, it will default back to 2wd on mine. Really stupid.
The auto stop cannot be permanently disabled. You'll probably get used to it frankly.
There are several aftermarket plug-n-play devices that will disable the start-stop feature permanently without having to turn it off every startup. I’m using ”smart stop start”. Happy with it. Plugged it into an existing junction...problem solved.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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