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I recently purchased a '21 Blazer and am looking for factory service manual(s) for it. I'm not talking about Chiltons or Haynes manuals. They are equivalent to Cliffs Notes, IMO. I mean the ones the techs use at the dealers with torque specs, wiring diagrams, parts descriptions, and all the fun stuff. I can purchase the service manuals for Dodge & Ford vehicles pretty easily via Helm Inc-Your Source for Factory Authorized Service Information or through the dealer, but can't find them for this Blazer. I called my local Chevy dealer and their parts & service departments had no idea where to even look. I plan on owning this truck long after the warranty runs out, and prefer to do my own service & repairs. So a service manual is pretty much a must have for me.

Any ideas? Where do you guys get torque specs and R&R procedures etc? Thanks a lot.
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