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Scissor jack.

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I bought new mud guards for the front and rear of my 2020 LT2. On Monday, 1-18, I installed the rear flaps. I used the scissor jack from the car. All seemed to go well. Yesterday, 1-20, I attempted to install the front flaps. As I began to jack up the car, I noticed the jack had bent to the left. I thought it was me, I thought is was the cement garage floor. I then took it to the dealer. They told me that because I used the jack 2 days ago and it was fine, they doubted the warranty but would replace it anyway under warranty. Nice of them but bullshit from them too. I will pick up the new jack when it arrives in a day or two.
Have any of you used this jack yet? Have you noticed it bending to the right or left? Have you left you car on this jack for an hour or so?

I noticed it was made in China.
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I used the scissor jack from the car about a month ago to install splash guards, too. I can't say exactly how long the car was on it but I don't think it was longer than 30 to 40 minutes per tire. Haven't noticed anything wrong with it. However, all the scissor jacks that come with cars don't look 100% reliable to me.
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I noticed it was made in China.
Not surprising, I found out from the dealer when my battery died at 12 months, that the battery guts are made in China. He said they have had quite a few batteries fail due to the inferior metals used to make them.
The Blazer is made in Mexico and that may account for some of the quality issues.
Mine has been in the shop 14 days of the last 14 months.
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