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I’ve had my new roof rack components sitting in boxes in the garage since spring — too lazy to install them. Been using my Subaru Outback for transporting kayaks.

The new rack was easy to install and the cross bars unlock and remove in seconds! Love the setup.

The Yakima Landing Pads bolt to the inside of the low-profile factory roof rails. (Thanks to the folks here who recommended unscrewing the rubber factory “placeholder” screws with needle-nose pliers. I covered the roof with a soft towel while I did the install.)



With the plastic cap off the landing pad as shown above, you can add the cross bars as shown below. (Core locks are extra.)


The kayak sits atop a Yakima Sweet Roll. It’s high off the car and easy to strap it down to the cross bars.


Only showing the front cross bar for now. You get the idea!

I’ll take more pics of the whole setup next time I’ve got everything in place and a kayak loaded atop the vehicle. So far, really happy with everything!

I ordered the majority of the rack components online from Rack Attack and it couldn’t have been easier. I ordered a second set of core locks and the Yakima Sweet Roll from Amazon.

Here are the base components for the roof rack: Yakima Landing Pad (4) + Yakima SkyLine (4) + Yakima JetStream (2). Core locks are extra.

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