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Ok, I'm in need or replacing the 20" Michelin Primacy's after 32k, to say the least they are not worth reinstalling as they are a pure highway tire and that's with having a tire package from the dealer. Living in the Northeast we need some tire that can handle all weather conditions. I'm looking at Cooper Endeavor +, Possible Kuhmo Crugen, and Handkook>
any thoughts?
I put on Michelin Cross Climate 2 tires (after putting "UP" with my factory garbage Continental 21" tires on my 2019 Rs AWD vehicle). What a difference! Better handling, quieter, grab the road GREAt in slush, snow, rain so far. It's only been 4K with them on, but so far I LOVE these new tires.
Make sure you get the car aligned by a good tire center, I think this has a lot to do with how the car handles after getting the new tires put on. Belle Tire here in the lower Michigan area did mine. VERY pricey, but I'm gald I went with these tires.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts