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So this has been happing since I bought my 22 2lt AWD with 20 miles. When going straight down a flat road the rear end sways back and forth. It's unnatural almost like The tires are towed in to much or something. I have to say it's much worse in the snow. It felt like it was going to make me spin out. Anyone else? Taking it in Tuesday hopefully
I had a similar issue on my 22 that I got this past May but I noticed it on curves that would have a bump. My dealer checked my alignment and found the rear out of spec. They did an alignment and that seems to have fixed the issue. If you have less then 7500 miles GM considers that a break in period and you can get the alignment covered. If you have more then 7500 miles its not covered but your dealer may do it for you depending on how nice they are. Also they told me that they've seen alot of cars coming from the factory where the alignment was out of spec.
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