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We have 4 dogs that we take for rides all the time and would like to get a cargo liner for the back of our 2021 Blazer. We are looking to help keep (sometimes wet) dog hair off the carpet, easy containment & cleanup of liquids (one dog drools a lot), and good stability/traction so the dogs don't slip & slide all over the place.

My Google-Fu has shown that Weathertech, Husky & Chevy have liners for our truck. The question is what would you guys recommend? Are there any other companies worth checking out?

We are currently leaning towards the Chevy brand liner because it also covers the back of the rear seats which would help keep pet hair and wet dog smell off the carpet when the seats are up, and give some protection when the seats are folded down and gear is on top of them. The Weathertech & Husky versions don't have that, and also leave a 2-3" lip in the middle of the bed area when the seats are folded down. But the Chevy liner only has a half inch lip the sides according to the specs sheet on the web site.

Thanks in advance for any info you might be able to give.
I have the full Chevy liner setup and I generally like it with a couple drawbacks:

- In general, the Velcro they supply to hold everything up is lacking. It stays, but not great, on the seat back.

- if you do the rear seat floor liner, where they interlock together never stays and creates a lumpy look right in the middle of the liners.

- because the rear seats can move forward and backward, the others will leave a gap open as you said, so Chevy made theirs have a “flap” that would bridge the gap with the seats down. Because of that, the extra flap tucks under the cargo area liner and you can’t Velcro all of that down because it needs to move (the flap bottom, top or the floor liner for like half of its length). I found my rear liner moving all over the place when I drove which was extremely annoying.

My solution to all of the above was cheap and easy: more Velcro. I bought 2 packs of industrial Velcro from Home Depot, put some additional on the seat back and some additional under the rear liner to supplement what Chevy provided and a few pieces under the rear floor liner junction and it’s much, MUCH better for like $10.

I hear good things about Husky, have not used them though, but as much as I used to like Weathertech I feel like the last maybe 6-7 years their products have gone way downhill and I’ve gone to the Chevy product and have been happy.
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