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Rear brake problems.

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I have a 1995 blazer 2wd 4.3l automatic trans. 4wheel antilock brakes equiped and the rear brakes keep wearing out too quick. I've replace the drums, shoes hardware, brake cylinders 2 times, and now I installed a rear disc brake conversion kit and it's destroyed the pads and rotors I put on about 4 months ago. I've also replaced the master cylinder. The antilock brakes warning light is on but the service manuals I have say at the time of their printing no service equipment was available for diagnostic help. I'm thinking about bypassing the antilock system but I'm not sure if there's a easy safe way to do it. Any ideas to help me get this thing resolved would be appreciated. I'm finding out that 1995 is a bastard year for lots of vehicles, I can't even find a scanner to diagnose engine problems. Obd 1.5 . What a joke. Anyway help would be good. Thanks. Gentleman Glen.
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