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Problem with Iphone volume when paired.

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Has anyone noticed this with the new Blazer? If you pair your Iphone with the car it turns the volume down to nothing on your Iphone, and if you don't remember to turn it up when you leave the Blazer you can't here it ring. this happens on all new Blazers I have checked. Dealers don't know way.
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I don't like this, what can be done about it?
I have the same issue. Seems the only way to stop it is to delete your phone from the blazer or turn off your Bluetooth on your phone. I think that there has to be a setting somewhere for this.
I took my Blazer to the dealership yesterday for a problem with my clock. I couldn’t get it to change ever since the time change. They had to do a manufacture reset and it worked. I asked about the iPhone issue. The mechanic paired a droid with my Blazer. Did the same thing. So he looked it up on a site that only service at dealerships have access to. Turns out that Chevy is aware of the problem, but there is no fix for it currently.
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