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View attachment 1246 After searching the net, I've found 2 rim styles I like. The above are 20s...they have a +32 offset. Factory 20s are +30....so very close. Should fit without issues with rubbing or scrub radius. View attachment 1247 These are 18x8 with a +40 offset. Again, should be good to go using factory size tires...but may need a 60 series tire as my measurements seem very close at full lock. I'm open to opinions and/or information pertaining to either choice. Its cool if you don't like either of them, we all have opinions. If you have technical info on possible fitment issues, please speak up. Everything I've read on offset, scrub radius and what I've measured on my own Blazer say either of these choices would work. I've always been a chrome fan but the black with polished insets and faux beadlocks call to me in a weird way.....
I like the black ones I think that would look good. I seen something about the hub or is there a certain size I should be looking for ?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts