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Vehicle = 2020 Blazer RS
Issue = Playlist files loaded on my USB drive do not play when selected via the Infotainment system:

My process:
1) Rip songs from CD into iTunes library
2) Create playlist in iTunes with all songs from CD
3) Copy .mp3 song files from iTunes library onto root of USB drive (maintain folder structure)
4) Export playlist as .m3u file from iTunes onto root of USB drive
5) Use "TextEdit" application to remove prefix file paths on .m3u playlist file

When I plug in the USB drive the Infotainment center can display the playlist file:


However, when I select the playlist file it shows "No Content Available":


The folders loaded onto the USB drive are indexed directly:


And the songs are selectable within the folders:


This is the root of the USB drive: (.m3u file is same directory level as top level folder)


I've read from other threads on this same issue that the file path exported from iTunes needs to be truncated. The playlist exported from iTunes will point to the directory on your computer and it needs to be edited to point to the top level folder listed on the USB drive.

I used the "TextEdit" app to remove the prefix file path: "/Users/username/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music/"
(see screen shots below)


So the issue remains ... the playlist file can be identified on the Infotainment system but when selected no songs will play. I can navigate to the folders and play the songs from there, but it would be nice to be able to select among different playlist files rather than navigating through all the folders to begin playback.

Any and all help the Blazer/Chevrolete community can provide on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks!!!


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