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Paint peeling

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Black chrome paint peeling on lower door molding, and front grill. Dissapointing.
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My grill is black and it’s peeling ! I’m fighting with gm and no luck ! My blazer is 2020 this should not be happening
Black chrome paint peeling on lower door molding, and front grill. Dissapointing.
My Chevy blazer 2020 has the same problem ! Also my ball joints broke thank god I had warranty but that should not happen
I had the same problem with chrome peeling on the front twice. They did replace it the first time and said they have never heard of it. I had to fight a bit the second time because it was less than a year from initial replacement. I saw the issue on here.
Black chrome paint peeling on lower door molding, and front grill. Dissapointing.
Same here. Black chrome along front bowtie on my RS flaked off about the size of a grapefruit a few weeks ago. Literally just had it at the dealer yesterday. Part ordered and will be replaced under warranty. Dealer said to expect an all-day job to replace that piece. I’ve seen a couple other RS’s in town with the same issue. Talked to one at a gas station and he said he has a 2019, only 22k miles, but he’s past the 3yr warranty so Chevy won’t replace it. Rediculous.
Same here on 2019 RS. Gloss black bubbled on wheel opening and door sill twice. GM cover with no issue. Black chrome on grill started to peel right after warranty. Always garage kept and well taken care of. GM needs to take care of their mistakes. They fight back with problems on one of the few interesting vehicles they still offer while continuing to push other models and power trains nobody wants. This type of customer service plus new annoying small turbo lag engines and rubber band cvt transmissions is a recipe for low sales numbers.
Ok, so I’m going tomorrow to pick up my 2020 Blazer. I have never owned a Chevy product. I hope I don’t regret this purchase…
Keep an eye on the grill peeling! Jeremy at the Dealership jack Phelan told me that it happens when a rock hits the grill and recommended a bra for the grill and fee to fix the grill will be $1500 !!! I so not see any peelings on any other blazers and no bra’s on Any blazers ! I keep mine in the garage and plenty of cars and this never happened so I’m still fighting with GM. Have them run an inspection to check your ballpoints we could have died !
Speaking of the grills, what are ya'll using to detail the black on the front and back of the Blazer? Are you waxing just like with the rest of the car?
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